First night camping: Rain. First day camping: rain. Tomorrow’s forecast: Rain. But we’re having an adventure with this new camper!


Some of my favorite shots from this weekend. These were taken at Tandem Ciders in Suttons Bay, Mich.

In anticipation of this trip up north, some photos from my last trip up north. It’s supposed to rain, but I’m taking my camera anyway.

Tonight after work, my family is loading up our new (to us) camper and driving four hours up north where we’ll be for a few days. So excited! 

I also plan to be as detached from my devices as possible, so I’ll see you in a few days.



i’m seeing if i stay today and no one can stop me

I’m jealous! I really want to see it but have no one to see it with. :( I hope ou have fun! :)

I recently took myself on my first-ever by-myself date to a movie. It was actually great and I encourage you to try it! 

I never imagined that, as a woman in my 30s, I would be arguing the worth of Ariana Grande’s music with my peers.

Man, it’s catchy, though.

Even though she’s all tiny and her hair’s all enormous. One of the fashion blogs I read said this week that she dresses all sexy but then has child pageant hair. OMG YES! But still.

This is. The part when. IsayIdon’twant it. I’m stronger than I’ve been before…

Out of gas. In the rain. Late for my son’s school open house.

Man I hate when I’m stupid.